Submissions on our ideas for Wellington's 10-year plan closed on 17 April 2015.

The plan was adopted by the Council on 24 June 2015. For full details, see our Long-term Plan 2015-25.

Every 3 years, we review our Long-term Plan to make sure we are moving in the right direction. We’re going through that process now. Visit for up-to-date information and to join the conversation.

2,191 Number of times people have told us what they think

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Ideas to grow Wellington

Wellington has all the ingredients for better economic performance. We can grow Wellington if we play to our strengths and invest in the right areas. Our ideas set out where we wanted to invest. 

Our ideas

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2,191 Number of times people have told us what they think

#1A longer airport runway is the idea that we have received most feedback about

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  • Jackie, South Gate

    The proposal is lacking in detail, but in general I think that the redevelopments that have been done in the past have worked out very well. This area could use a bit of of a touchup.

  • Jackie, South Gate

    The problem with this proposal is the details don't match the statement. The details of the plan talk more about supporting tourism than it does about IT. It mentions Positively Wellington Tourism, Events, Positively Wellington Venues, Destination Wellington, and city innovation projects - only this last one might vaguely be interpreted as IT or Film related. I don't feel the problem in the tech industry is lack of funding, it's lack of leadership on the part of the organizations.

  • Chris, Brooklyn

    It would provide a unique opportunity to learn about the coastal environment on our doorstep that is inaccesible to non-divers

  • Brian, Tawa

    I am opposed. Wellington is small on the international scale, and does not have the population for many airlines to see financial benefit in stopping here. Also, flying is the worst form of travel from a carbon emissions perspective. I would rather see the money spent on improving our rail services between Wellington and Auckland, and upgrading them to a higher speed and frequency, so they can better compete with air travel.

  • Alison

    Civic Square is a treasure, and the way the City to Sea bridge connects it to the waterfront - fabulous. Yes, please, earthquake strengthen existing buildings, but don't try and 'offset' costs by leasing the right to build on Jack Illott Green. No, its not a well-used space BUT importantly it provides a feeling of spaciousness, and great view-lines out to and connectedness with the harbour, which means any building taller than one storey will get in the way. A performing music centre in the town hall and MFC: great. Cafes around the Square - sure. Keep it vibrant and lively.

  • Faye

    The festival is fantastic and I do enjoy attending some of the shows but there is only so much discretionary money that people have. I would support this if the economy was going well but it is not at the moment.

  • Adam, Miramar

    Regenerating the city centre, and managing / supporting growth sensibly, is key to allowing Wellington to grow whilst preserving the features that make Wellington great.

  • dylan, Crofton Downs

    I believe improving the roads around basin reserve to be more important than the grounds themselves

  • Simon, Other

    Wellington urgently needs better, safer cycleways. WCC needs to get plans in place do it can secure Govt funding available for cycle ways.

  • Anonymous

    Many Wellington residents own bicycles but are afraid to commute to work on them because they fear for their lives sharing the busy roads with cars. Cycleways separate from roads need to be built to give these folk the confidence to bike to work safely and to improve their fitness which will ultimately reduce health expenditure.

  • Antony, South Gate

    A much needed idea that will likely require tradeoffs unpopular with some. Everyone should be able to ride in to the CBD without a concern for safety.

  • nick, Brooklyn

    This is essential to Wgtn being 'the' compact city where lifestyle and ease of living in a vibrant city are central attractors to visitors and new citizens. It so many spin offs - environment, health, social networks etc... less hui, more dui - GET ON WITH IT!!!

  • Carolyn, Brooklyn

    It is necessary for social and environmental reasons. We need to keep our unique compactness and walkability.

  • Ange, Kelburn

    This is a comparatively small investment which will have huge benefits to our civic pride, arts community and for Wellington.

  • Michael, Hataitai

    The 'Music Hub' concept would certain provide added value to the Town Hall, moving it away from a 'conference centre' towards an actual cultural treasure that it utilized for its proper purpose: as one of the great acoustic venues in New Zealand. Moreover, it houses the only fit-for-purpose chamber music venue in Wellington.

  • Phil, Kelburn

    The oldTownHall is possibly the best indoor venue I have been to andI have been to a few, mostly overseas.

  • William, Karori

    As an exporter resident in Wellington for 50 years this is absolutely critical to the region. I am sick of spending hours upon hours in Auckland, Sydney etc waiting for connections. Apart from helping people like me it will stop companies moving out (Icebreaker for one) and encourage more to move here particularly those that need to travel for business. A big plus for me!!

  • Leigh Catley, Wellington Central

    Wellington is a fantastic place to hold a conference. It's tight geographical setting makes it easy for delegates to get around, easy to visit highlights like the harbour/Te Papa and easy, VERY easy, to get to a venue from the airport. Auckland is simply dreadful and Christchurch is worse for this. All we need is a bigger space to put people in. There are so few places in this country to put 500+ people in the same room for dinner. It's crazy. The business is out there, we just have to have big enough spaces. Wellington needs to do this. It's a no-brainer.

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