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  • John-Paul Porteous, Wellington Central

    Food truck Park is an outdoor food court made up of Wellington's finest food trucks, indoor dining hall and FULL BAR!.

  • Vicki, Karori

    The long awaited air port runway for wellington will benefit us all with growing employment opportunities and the benefit to the general public for overseas short and long distant air flights which benefits our holiday visitors.

  • Neil, Thorndon

    Will be an afforadable place to live with rates kept to the level of consumer inflation.

  • Elmar, Churton Park

    have a highly skilled educated workforce to act as an economic multiplier. We should start by aligning education with the type of markets available to the region. Encouraging entrepreneurial flair and celebrating success not shooting down tall poppies should be our mantra right throughout the region, this will make us different to the rest of NZ. We need a consistent communication message that to try innovation is to excell, that failure is just more learning. While there is a path for start up's there is not really a path for bright but more mature companies to grow as there is no capital mechanism in place for this apart from the conventional funding systems. Internships and placements linking schools and universities would help students find their feet in the region and create opportunities for linkage in the region both politically and commercially. For that to succeed we need to create opportunities to gather these minds together so that the pool of talent become connected - that is the NZ and especially, the Wellington 'way' (aka coffee culture - do not knock this !). Wgtn is a great place for business but finding people and getting them connected is difficult. Strongly encourage what is already here, fish at our feet but do engage with the new talent.

  • George, Wadestown

    be confronting the realities of human-induced global warming (aka climate change, a euphemism). Those include more frequent, more intense extreme weather events (gales, floods, droughts) and sea level rise (several metres by the end of the century, ten metres by the end of next century). How the world responds over the next decade will determine how catastrophic global warming will be. Humanity has reached the end of economic growth as we've known it since the industrial revolution. Wellington should be at the forefront of a new way of thinking: how can we put Earth's life support systems (the biosphere) ahead of mindless economic growth. There will be no economy if we continue down the present track.

  • Hugh McGuire

    Compete with Auckland and Christchurch, and I thought it would be similar to Melbourne

  • andy, Northland

    Does not support the idea.

  • Cilla, Ngauranga

    be awsome

  • Jane, Tawa

    Have a better climate