Facts & Figures

  • $2bICT sector's annual contribution to region's GDP

  • 15,000Number of ICT jobs in the Wellington region

  • $250mAnnual economic output from the screen industry

  • $17.5mBudgeted per year for funding WREDA

Wellington City’s economy is not separate from the economies of neighbouring cities – the region forms a single economy. Nor can the various sectors of the economy – such as events, tourism, hospitality, screen production, and ICT – be considered separate from each other. The success of one sector inevitably contributes to the success of another, by making the city more prosperous, increasing opportunities available to residents, and attracting visitors, workers, and businesses.


Council has worked with Greater Wellington Regional Council and other local authorities to establish the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA), a single agency responsible for economic development, events, and tourism throughout the region.

The agency will provide a clear ‘joined up’ direction for economic development across the region, leading to higher growth, more jobs and stronger communities.

Man with film prop or puppet in the shape of a creepy looking lamb.

Film industries

Wellington’s screen production sector thrills, inspires and amazes people here and around the world.

It is a vital and growing part of Wellington’s economy, employing 2000 plus people and contributing about $250 million in annual economic output. It also attracts tourists and contributes to regional identity.

However, the industry is also heavily dependent on one-off productions. A challenge is to create a growing and more continuous flow of projects. The Council proposes exploring with the industry the introduction of an enterprise zone. Key aspects of this could include simpler planning and rates processes, and support for an international higher education facility to meet the industry’s demand for skills.

The enterprise zone idea is in its early stages but gives an indication of the Council’s openness to supporting growth industries. Such a zone could be located in Miramar close to the airport, or as part of a new town centre included in the proposed East West link road.

Tech industries

ICT is Wellington's fastest growing business sector. One of the critical conditions for success in high-tech industries is opportunities for people to connect with each other, to share knowledge, ideas, innovation, investment, and pathways to national and international markets. 

Wellington’s compact central city naturally encourages these connections, but more can be done to support the sector. A central city tech precinct offers opportunities to foster growth in high-tech companies, and to encourage connections between start-ups, established businesses, training providers and others in the sector, bringing innovation, skills, jobs, and prosperity.

Wellington City Council proposes to establish a "tech hub" to help high-tech start-ups connect with funders, investors, and international speakers. The hub would comprise an inner-city premises or precinct where tech start-ups could co-locate. 


  • WREDA will provide a greater ability to promote the region nationally and globally.
  • A screen enterprise zone will help create more jobs and a higher, more stable economic output.
  • A tech hub will encourage innovation and create more jobs and commercial opportunities for ICT graduates.


  • This plan includes Wellington City Council’s annual contribution of $17.5 million to WREDA to fund Positively Wellington Tourism, Events, Positively Wellington Venues, Destination Wellington, and city innovation projects.
  • Initial funding for the screen enterprise zone will come from Council’s $3 million economic initiatives fund.

What you think

71% Feedback received that supports our overall plan

58 Number of times people have told us what they think about this idea

72% Feedback received that supports this idea

#9 Out of 28 ideas based on amount of feedback received.

Who would benefit most?

30% Local businesses
25% NZ as a whole
19% Local residents
18% Future generations
8% Visitors to Wellington
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Visitors to Wellington
  • NZ as a whole
  • Future generations
  • Other

How should we prioritise it?

38% Quite high
24% High
19% Neutral
16% Quite low
3% Low
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  • Jackie, South Gate

    The problem with this proposal is the details don't match the statement. The details of the plan talk more about supporting tourism than it does about IT. It mentions Positively Wellington Tourism, Events, Positively Wellington Venues, Destination Wellington, and city innovation projects - only this last one might vaguely be interpreted as IT or Film related. I don't feel the problem in the tech industry is lack of funding, it's lack of leadership on the part of the organizations.

  • Suzanne, Oriental Bay

    We have already put ourselves on the map for this and we do a great job of it! Wellington is respected globally, encourages creativity and makes wellington a fun place to live.

  • Graham , Miramar

    These industries are essential to the branding of Wellington as the creative and brain- centred capital of New Zealand.

  • Lucy Ng, Wellington Central

    I support any steps that lead to more jobs and investment.

  • Dave, Karori

    Wellington can be proud of the entrepreneurial spirit and abundance of tech start up businesses that are beginning to proliferate.

    However, commercial execution is often lagging behind somewhat. Any further supporting services and infrastructure from WCC such as a Tech Hub which empowers entrepreneurs by connecting them with each other and with services to help them succeed would be valuable both for them and for Wellington.

  • Heather, Mornington

    A film museum would be perfect - it's got Wellington written allover it! But it should be a truly international class film museum, representing everything about NZ film, not just Lord of the Rings.

  • Jaime, Lyall Bay

    Wellington has an amazing opportunity to partner with the tech industry closely and it would prove the forward thinking and innovative focus the council wants to have. What would make it unique is the fact that it is in Wellington and partnered with local Wellington business and Startups. It will create a level of opportunity that will only come out of actively supporting and partnering with the tech sector. This is crucial to maintaining, growing and encouraging an ever increasing industry.

  • Gabriella, Lyall Bay

    Film no, they have plenty of money they really don't need taxpayer funding. Tech, as long as it is local tech, yes