Facts & Figures

  • $1mAvailable in Building Incentive Fund

  • 3Years this larger funding pool will be available

Heritage buildings make an important contribution to the city’s character, but many require strengthening to make them safe in earthquakes.

Heritage buildings in Thorndon
We want to strengthen more heritage buildings

The Council provides support to building owners by providing grants for earthquake strengthening and waivers on some resource consents. For the next three years, we are proposing to increase the total funding pool to $1 million a year, in order to increase the number of buildings that are being strengthened.


  • Retain heritage buildings, contributing to the character of the inner city.
  • Strengthen heritage buildings to protect from earthquakes.


  • We will also be reviewing our regulatory environment to see what, if any, changes can be made to enable building owners to alter aspects of the buildings to make them more economically viable.
  • We have increased our Build Heritage Incentive Fund by $400,000 per year to $1 million.
  • This plan also includes an increase in the rates remission provisions for category 1 and 2 heritage buildings.

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18% Local businesses
6% NZ as a whole
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  • CJ, Kelburn

    Great objective - we need look no further than CHCH to see the impact of the loss of heritage on the character of a city.

  • Graham , Miramar

    Wellington has a small number of remaining heritage buildings. These need to be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

  • Jake, Te Aro

    I think Wellington (and New Zealand as a whole) needs to think very carefully before strengthening a building based on the argument of 'heritage'. Relatively, NZ is a 'new' country, unlike countries in Europe who have buildings dating back thousands of years.
    Particularly in seismic regions such as Wellington I think it would be often wiser to take down a building - even though it may be old - and rebuild it using modern standards and materials.
    There is no reason why the building cannot be just as beautiful, and in its own right become a heritage building in years to come - indeed, it would certainly survive long enough to be so - unlike a restored heritage building which may not...

  • Heather, Mornington

    It's important to protect and preserve our heritage buildings - particularly public buildings such as the Town Hall. If it's expensive we need to plan for the future and manage it so that work is done gradually, or as we can afford it. The priority should be to preserve the building in the first instance. The reason buildings such as the Colosseum are thousands of years old is because they were not knocked over!

  • Susan Williams, Churton Park

    We need to save our heritage buildings. Not convinced cash grants is the best approach. It is the owners job to maintain their buildings. The knew they were heritage when they bought them.