Facts & Figures

  • $1.3bValue of water, wastewater and stormwater network

  • $50mSpent each year on operating the network

  • $25mInvested each year in new or upgraded assets

  • $101mSavings forecasted over next 10 years

Coil of green pipes

Wellington city’s biggest infrastructure asset is one that is rarely seen. It lies out of sight, underground. It's more than 2700 kilometres of pipes and tunnels criss-crossing the city – carrying water to the city’s homes, businesses, schools and hospital; or carrying sewage to treatment plants; or stormwater to the sea.

Together, this network and associated assets is valued at around $1.3 billion. Lay all of the pipes end to end and they would reach Sydney.

Managing these assets – and the environmental impacts associated with their use – is one of the biggest areas of Council activity: each year, we spend more than $50 million to operate the city’s water, wastewater and stormwater networks; and invest more than $25 million in new or upgraded assets.

Through better management of these assets, we anticipate that we can make savings on previous forecasts, without compromising service levels.

We will also be focussing new urban growth in areas where existing water & stormwater networks already have enough capacity to deal with added demand.


  • More efficient and better targeted use of resources.
  • Improved environmental outcomes.
  • Savings that can be reinvested into the city.


  • The network is managed and maintained by Wellington Water – a company established by five councils across the metropolitan region.
  • $101 million reduction on infrastructure renewals (compared to previous forecasts) over 2015/16 – 2024/25.

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  • Paul, Karori

    Yes! If you are going to expand this needs to be done. At least three more reservoirs need to be built.