Facts & Figures

  • $11mTotal cost of refresh

  • $7.4mCouncil's contribution

The Council proposes to part-fund an expansion of the Museum of Wellington City & Sea – recently named one of the world’s top 50 museums – allowing it to show more of its collection and attract more visitors.

The proposal would see the museum’s exhibition area expanded by about 30 percent, by opening up the attic space in its premises in the historic Bond Store.

The expansion is expected to attract additional visitors and complements the City Gallery, Carter Observatory, Cable Car Museum and other offerings of the Wellington Museums Trust.


  • Improved visitor experience.
  • Greater access to museum collections and the heritage building.
  • Strengthen the museum’s contribution to the Wellington’s identity and culture.


  • The City Council will contribute a $11 million capital grant towards the expansion. The Trust will also secure funding from other sources.

What you think

72% Feedback received that supports our overall plan

32 Number of times people have told us what they think about this idea

84% Feedback received that supports this idea

#21 Out of 28 ideas based on amount of feedback received.

Who would benefit most?

28% Local residents
27% Visitors to Wellington
22% Future generations
12% Local businesses
12% NZ as a whole
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Visitors to Wellington
  • NZ as a whole
  • Future generations
  • Other

How should we prioritise it?

44% Quite high
38% High
9% Quite low
9% Neutral
  • Quite low
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