Facts & Figures

  • $10mFor priority measures and improving key routes

  • $433mFor maintaining and renewing the vehicle network

A key priority will be implementation of the Wellington Regional Transport Plan, under which a high-frequency, low-emission bus service will be introduced on key routes linking the central-city to the Basin Reserve, Newtown, and Kilbirnie.

Bus in bus lane on Lambton Quay

Improvements are also needed to the vehicle network. We support NZTA’s programme to improve the state highway network in Wellington, which aims to unlock the city’s economic potential by improving transport routes into the city, and from the city to the airport. One of our top priorities will be to find a solution to Basin Reserve traffic congestion in a way that supports smoother traffic flow while meeting community aspirations. The programme also includes double-tunneling the Mount Victoria and Terrace tunnels.


  • Safer, healthier, more environmentally friendly transport options.
  • Unlock economic potential with a more efficient transport network.
  • Reduced congestion and travel times.


  • Cycleways: $45m proposed over 10 years.
  • Public transport: $10 million set aside for bus priority measures in addition to the improvements to key routes such as Kent and Cambridge Terraces and Adelaide Road. The public transport service is funded by the Greater Wellington Regional Council. Wellington City Council provides the roading and pedestrian networks on which buses rely.
  • Vehicle network: $433 million is proposed to be spent on maintaining and renewing the network over the decade. State highway improvements are funded and delivered by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

What you think

53% Feedback received that supports our overall plan

73 Number of times people have told us what they think about this idea

74% Feedback received that supports this idea

#7 Out of 28 ideas based on amount of feedback received.

Who would benefit most?

32% Local residents
23% Visitors to Wellington
21% Local businesses
18% Future generations
6% NZ as a whole
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Visitors to Wellington
  • NZ as a whole
  • Future generations
  • Other

How should we prioritise it?

48% High
33% Quite high
12% Neutral
5% Quite low
1% Low
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  • Glenn, Karori

    I think the councils are planning to do the bare minimum. The plan is cheap, only $10m and it's short sighted. The plan involves getting rid of trolley buses in favour of normal 'low emission' buses. This is a step back and less appealing option when innovation is required here, this is not the solution and will make the system less appealing. More needs to be done.

  • Pat, Mount Victoria

    Unless the roading issues are resolved this will not accomplish its aims, goals or objectives. The result will be money spent for no benefit !!!

  • Hugh, Mount Cook

    I reckon it's a good idea for the new generation of the bus network. Last year I heard that Bus Rapid Transit system has been decided by councils over the Light Rail proposal, also replacing trolley buses I felt reluctant about. Because I think trolleybuses are amazing, and they are one of the smartest, quietist, fastest and cleaner. Despite they've been in Wellington for almost a century, and funding loads of money for operation. I'd have to agree with the city mayor for keeping the trolleybuses for a bit longer at this case. Now for the bus rapid transit network, I believe it's all about those kinds of buses providing extra floors. I'd definitely recommend that the long bendy buses can cope through the streets, as best as they could. Now after they've done the Basin Reserve, Newtown and Kilbirnie as a route, I'd definitely recommend that they should expand this network by adding tertiary routes including Massey, Victoria and Weltec. Because the buses I've experienced when going to Victoria through Massey University, those buses 18 and sometimes 47 gets alot busier including the morning intesification. On the metlink website, they've said they are going to introduce something new which is more frequent and fast to replace 18 in 2017, for better and greater access for the victoria students commuting to the Kelburn campus. I really think bus rapid transit could well be the answer, and I would definitely recommend the bus rapid transit would take over 18's position. Finally, the light rail proposal would definitely be needed when Wellington will get alot busier in the next 30 years. That includes extending the runway for more people to come in. We want to make sure that Wellington should not make a real huge mistake like Auckland. We also want to make sure that the climate change should not make an impact creating all kinds of pollution, including having many diesel fuelled buses which is a concern. This network is a huge priority to provide buses like trolleybus, hybrid electric diesels, bus rapid transits and light rails in order to keep the population and the climate in demand. The transports are the contributers to climate change including fossil fuels and mitigation, we all have to be aware of.

  • Kate, Mount Cook

    Great idea! Less congestion on the roads to complement the cycle ways and allowing for more efficient transport over all. The Basin Reserve is part of the State Highway network and therefore needs to be upgraded to allow for more efficient journey times through the city.

  • Fred, Island Bay

    Terrace Tunnel double laning: please do as soon as possible, depending on cost. This bottleneck creates huge amounts of pollution as cars crawl up that rise to join into a single lane. It should have been two lanes both sides from day one.
    Trolley buses: please KEEP! They are just so quiet...could any Councillor please go and stand (for example) at the Courtenay/Readings Cinema stop, and just wait there for 15 minutes. The diesel buses are absolutely deafening. Some of this I believe is the drivers - they seem to insist the best way to leave any bus stop/red light is to give it full throttle. However they are loud in any case, just by fact of their motive power.
    Compare this to the almost silent trolley buses...bliss.
    Tourists I talk to in the streets love them too. Once they are gone they will never be back...please keep them.

  • David, Northland

    Great! And then do the same for the Karori<->town bottleneck!

  • Lisa

    I don't know why the council would subsidise the regional councils service. Not a fan of being rated twice.

  • Gabriella, Lyall Bay

    It's a good idea, but as long as the buses are not prioritized over overall traffic, by dedicated lanes for example, it does not solve the traffic problem