Facts & Figures

  • $5.5mSet aside for redevelopment

  • $250kGrant for Circa Theatre (over 3 years)

Frank Kitts Park plays an important role in the city as a gathering place and as a site for waterfront events.

The park was completed in the 1980s, with a design aimed at allowing spectators to safely watch the annual waterfront street car race that ran in the city at the time.

The Council is proposing to redevelop the park, re-orienting its focus towards the harbour and integrating a long-planned Chinese Garden. The park will retain large areas of open lawn, along with a much improved children’s play area.

The redeveloped park will support a variety of uses, from events and walking and relaxing, to play, while also creating a more diverse and attractive harbourfront space.

Redeveloping Frank Kitts Park is part of a bigger plan to redevelop the Wellington waterfront. We are currently seeking public input on the proposed Waterfront Development Plan 2015-18.


  • More attractive, user-friendly waterfront space oriented to the harbour.


  • $5.5 million has been set aside for the park’s redevelopment.
  • We also plan to support another feature of the city’s waterfront: the Circa Theatre. We propose a grant of $250,000 over three years.

What you think

64% Feedback received that supports our overall plan

53 Number of times people have told us what they think about this idea

70% Feedback received that supports this idea

#10 Out of 28 ideas based on amount of feedback received.

Who would benefit most?

35% Local residents
28% Visitors to Wellington
21% Future generations
12% Local businesses
3% NZ as a whole
1% Other
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Visitors to Wellington
  • NZ as a whole
  • Future generations
  • Other

How should we prioritise it?

32% Quite high
25% Neutral
17% High
15% Low
11% Quite low
  • Quite low
  • Low
  • Neutral
  • Quite high
  • High