Adopted Long-term Plan Documents:

After wide-ranging consultation, Wellington City Council has adopted the final Long-term Plan. It's available in an accessible HTML version, or PDF:

Accessible version

Long-term Plan 2015-25: Volume 1 PDF 5.1MB Long-term Plan 2015-25: Volume 2 PDF 650KB

Consultation Documents:

The Draft Long-term Plan 2015−25 Consultation Document is part of our draft 10-year plan. It sets out our activities, associated performance measures, and the budgets for our capital and operating projects and programmes.

Draft Long-term Plan 2015−25 Consultation Document (1.6MB PDF) | Text version (33MB RTF)

[text versions: Mayoral Overview (189KB RTF) | A Simple Choice (240KB RTF) | Financials (23MB RTF) | Invest for Growth (187KB RTF) | Our Sustainable Growth Agenda (395KB RTF) | Auditors Report (409KB RTF) | Appendix 1 Civic Precinct Revitalisation (10MB RTF)]

Other components of our draft 10-year plan include:

  • Part One: Draft Financial Strategy (887KB PDF) | Text version (29MB RTF) – this sets out the rates and borrowing limits of the council and the approach we take to ensuring our programme is prudent and affordable.
  • Part Three: Draft Significant Forecasting Assumptions (189KB PDF) | Text version (405KB RTF)– all plans are subject to change. These forecasting assumptions set out our starting point – the key facts and projections that we know today and expect to be important over the ten years of the plan.

Related documents

Significance and Engagement Policy (191KB PDF) – Adopted in 2014, this policy guides our approach to consultation.