Like other well-connected cities, we plan to encourage a greater uptake of cycling.

62% Feedback received that supports our overall plan

318 Number of times people have told us what they think about this idea

91% Feedback received that supports this idea

#2 Out of 28 ideas based on amount of feedback received.

Who would benefit most?

28% Local residents
24% Future generations
19% Local businesses
18% Visitors to Wellington
12% NZ as a whole
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Visitors to Wellington
  • NZ as a whole
  • Future generations
  • Other

How should we prioritise it?

79% High
10% Quite high
6% Quite low
3% Neutral
3% Low
  • Quite low
  • Low
  • Neutral
  • Quite high
  • High
  • Joshua, Te Aro

    I don't ride currently because I don't know it's safe. A lot of the cyclists I know have had accidents or near misses. I would be happy to cycle if there were safe cycleways. I don't think it needs to be unique, it just needs to be good - pretty much every city I visit has better cycleways than wellington does.