68% Feedback received that supports our overall plan

2,182 Number of times people have told us what they think

#1A longer airport runway is the idea that we have received most feedback about

28 Number of ideas in our draft 10-year plan

Who would benefit most?

26% Local residents
21% Future generations
20% Visitors to Wellington
20% Local businesses
13% NZ as a whole
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Visitors to Wellington
  • NZ as a whole
  • Future generations
  • Other
  • William, Karori

    As an exporter resident in Wellington for 50 years this is absolutely critical to the region. I am sick of spending hours upon hours in Auckland, Sydney etc waiting for connections. Apart from helping people like me it will stop companies moving out (Icebreaker for one) and encourage more to move here particularly those that need to travel for business. A big plus for me!!

  • Dave, Karori

    Wellington can be proud of the entrepreneurial spirit and abundance of tech start up businesses that are beginning to proliferate.

    However, commercial execution is often lagging behind somewhat. Any further supporting services and infrastructure from WCC such as a Tech Hub which empowers entrepreneurs by connecting them with each other and with services to help them succeed would be valuable both for them and for Wellington.

  • Patrick, Karori

    What sounds an attractive idea will only detract from the reason these suburbs are popular (green, family friendly) and stress the existing infrastructure (have you seen peak traffic on Karori Road!) If people living in these suburbs wanted medium density housing they would not have brought there. This proposal has the real potential to destroy the character of these suburbs for a quick developer dollar.

  • Paul, Karori

    Yes! If you are going to expand this needs to be done. At least three more reservoirs need to be built.

  • Jennifer, Karori

    I don't know enough about the need by businesses to have a longer airport runway. However, I am concerned about the environmental impact the extension will have on the South Coast, particularly as we have Taputeranga Marine Reserve very close by. The sediment produced laying down in-fill will have a major impact on the rocky shore marine habitat, particularly on invertebrates, larvae of many species and algae. I hope the Council take note of their own studies of the impact sediment, and the trace metals within, has on the marine habitat.

    If a longer runway is needed, why not have it on the harbour side? This is already a high sediment habitat and would likely be more resilient to the construction work.

    I also would have thought that building an extension on a coast which is so hydrodynamic would not be the most sensible option. Significant high energy storms are already occurring reasonably frequently, and will occur more often with the predicted climate changes.

  • Glenn, Karori

    I think the councils are planning to do the bare minimum. The plan is cheap, only $10m and it's short sighted. The plan involves getting rid of trolley buses in favour of normal 'low emission' buses. This is a step back and less appealing option when innovation is required here, this is not the solution and will make the system less appealing. More needs to be done.

  • Peter, Karori

    Medium-density housing should be considered only for areas that are currently providing sub-standard housing and where transport and infrastructure have sufficient capacity to absorb the extra residents. This is not true for some of the areas proposed, particularly Karori. Do not neglect the value of the housing that would be removed to make way for the increased density.

  • Anonymous, Karori

    Creating medium density housing is a very good idea if an increase of the population is inevitable - it is better than ever-expanding into our valuable open spaces, bush and reserves and might be a great option for people who prefer a smaller, more manageable home. Seems like a very good solution for some of our elderly residents, as you point out. However, if asked if I support creating a more densely populated centre and increasing population in Karori, versus not doing so, I'd much prefer not to squeeze more people onto our already very busy main road, buses, pool, medical centre, mall, library, and schools, to name a few. Karori is a great place to live. Putting pressure on these resources would deteriorate quality of life here for all of us. It is hard to see how a noticeable increase of population could be absorbed in the short to medium term (think transport, pool, library, schools, mall, medical centre). Also, medium density (ie more dense) housing means more people and more cars squeezed into a smaller space - the drawn up pics at the library do not paint a realistic picture: barely any cars but instead people standing around chatting on open space that'll in fact be tight to even fit residents cars. Can you please clarify if we WILL need to squeeze more people into our suburb, the question being how and where, or if we have a choice of rejecting a plan of increasing the population here?

  • Dean , Karori

    Implementation needs to go with education. All road users need to know the reasoning behind the design of the cycleways and how they should be used.
    Alongside the cycling and public transport infrastructure we also need a culture change. Then more people might move away from the belief that their car is the only way to get around the city.

  • Matthew, Karori

    I am excited to see the Basin finally getting some much needed attention. A true gem for the city and love the idea of enhancing the village green feel. Not concerned about the Museum Stand itself if we can have an upgraded Basin we can be proud of.