68% Feedback received that supports our overall plan

2,182 Number of times people have told us what they think

#1A longer airport runway is the idea that we have received most feedback about

28 Number of ideas in our draft 10-year plan

Who would benefit most?

26% Local residents
21% Future generations
20% Visitors to Wellington
20% Local businesses
13% NZ as a whole
  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Visitors to Wellington
  • NZ as a whole
  • Future generations
  • Other
  • Nicole, Newlands

    This is a no brainer. LED street lighting should be rolled out as soon as possible. Not only will it have improved environmental outcomes but if installed correctly (ensuring that it does not compromised good urban design outcomes) , it would reduce electricity costs in the long term.

  • Denise, Newlands

    Great idea especially for youth

  • Nicole, Newlands

    I am supportive of the capital of New Zealand being able to be support international flights. However, has there been research undertaken to check the viability of shifting the airport to Kapiti Coast? Is the current airport location the best location? i.e. in terms of weather, current congestion, further future expansion etc.