• Rob, Kelburn

    I believe that the proposed Kilbirnie growth area, and parts of the Central Wellington growth areas, are inconsistent with the stated goal to improve city resilience. These areas are prone to liquefaction, tsunami/seiche and storm surges. The experience in Canterbury suggests that such land will be red-zoned after a future earthquake. Instead of designating these as growth areas, the city plan should aim to reduce built infrastructure in these areas.

    City resilience is one of the six focus areas in this plan. The current plan plan notes that, “the need to increase our resilience will be a key influence on the planning and infrastructure investment decisions… Climate change impacts and the predictions of more severe weather events and sea-level risk will have ramifications, particularly for low-lying costal urban areas.” I also note that the government’s Resource Management Act reforms are expected to add natural hazards to the factors considered in future.