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  • Garth, Karori

    Does not support the idea.

  • Phil, Kelburn

    Does not support the idea.

  • Guy, Te Aro

    Mixed use, and mixed residents. Currently we are building ghettos - developments for rich folks, like Clyde Quay Wharf ($0.6million for a one bedroom flat?) and then also building slums for Asian students (Taranaki St anyone?). And then we build restaurants elsewhere. We need to put it all together, to get a real city. Rich and poor, living side by side, above the shop. Its the only way to do it.

  • George Matthewson, Wellington Central

    Does not support the idea.

  • Julian, Karori

    It's always so hard getting good money to support the Arts in today's world, so this would be a significant bonus

  • Richard, Tawa

    Close to waterfront. Compact city, Wakable city, Green city, a very liveable city, safe city.

  • Anonymous

    Does not support the idea.

  • Joan, Other

    Excellent idea, it would be a really show case for New Zealand. Totally support this idea.

  • John, Hataitai

    I think it is something that should have happened a long time ago. Sometimes you just have to ignore all the negativity that comes from central government (who has firmly nailed its Auckland standard to the mast) and Air New Zealand and chart your own course. You have to be the master of your own destiny and not let others decide it for you. If you let others decide it for you it will be their interests that predominate.

  • Carroll, Wadestown

    The stupidity of this idea is positively breathtaking - has all the hallmarks of the time in the 1950's when Wellington Airport was constructed in the bubble of "Progress at any cost" with total disregard for the natural environment and quality of life in the communities in close proximity to the airport. Based purely on an unsubstantiated economic impact report with questionable projections and benefits for Wellington, the Capital Region and New Zealand, without any evidence of market analysis on-the-ground here in New Zealand, it's an extremely high-risk investment of ratepayer funds throughout the region - I wouldn't touch it with a barge-pole if I were you.

    This idea definitely needs to go back to the drawing board. A much larger population than the Capital Region is required. I believe the critical mass of Rongotai to Ruapehu is needed. Which suggests that Wellington Airport is not in the right place. Get your thinking hats on!