Wellington’s future prosperity is dependent on our film and tech industries.

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  • William, Island Bay

    I have worked in the Wellington film industry since 1972. For about twenty years the film industry has had many years of generous support, it's time it supported itself, and returned some of that support to the community.

  • Jackie, South Gate

    The problem with this proposal is the details don't match the statement. The details of the plan talk more about supporting tourism than it does about IT. It mentions Positively Wellington Tourism, Events, Positively Wellington Venues, Destination Wellington, and city innovation projects - only this last one might vaguely be interpreted as IT or Film related. I don't feel the problem in the tech industry is lack of funding, it's lack of leadership on the part of the organizations.

  • Gill, Karori

    We know from evidence that successful economies have skilled work forces: New Zealand isn't there yet. Investing in 'skilled' industries like tech makes sense (by the way we're also underutilising women in STEM industries generally - and evidence also show us that diversity makes for successful businesses - diverse businesses were most successful recovering from the GFCrisis). Wellington could spearhead this kind of focus and show the rest of the country how to do it.

  • Anonymous, Brooklyn

    Supports the idea.

  • IanS, Wadestown

    There is no line for comments about the joined up approach to smart growth below. So I am using this section for comments. A bit more joined up thinking on issues that would make our city the best and most sustainable little capital - like taking back our transport system, buy back the trolley buses (transfer them to WCCL), keep the overhead wires until the new wire-less electric charging systems can be installed in the refurbished trolley buses or trams.

  • emily, Wellington Central

    the one thing i don't support is a "precinct", i just don't think it's needed, as Wellington is so small, we all walk to meetings and meet for coffees and share and collaborate already. Spend that money somewhere else - letting the world know whats here?

  • Murray, Ngaio

    Wellington has a history and experience in film and tech (including gaming). It fits the close knit community vibe and looks to be an important part of the future economy. Has infrastructure requirements so a role for council to support.

  • Jan, Houghton Bay

    Both The film and ICT industries are doing just fine without Wellington City Council funnelling $17.5 million to them via Wellington Regional Economic Development agency (WREDA) which is a private company with no track record in either film or ICT.

  • Linda, Island Bay

    It will encourage tourism and work therefore more people - spending more money. Got to be good for our economy.

  • Anonymous, Hataitai

    I question whether financial support should come from central government rather than local government