A revitalised Civic Square precinct would include a national music hub, more activity, and a strengthened Town Hall.

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  • William, Island Bay

    Jack Ilott Green must remain as open space, a building there will have the effect of cutting the square off from surrounding streets. The proposed Chinese Garden could be constructed on Jack Ilott Green, leaving Frank Kitts Park as open space.

  • Rochelle, Other

    Keep Ilot Green area as is.. it is used for rest and contemplation now.. was gifted as open space, and the space/green/nature sets off the rest of Civic Square, allows long views from the City To Sea bridge.
    It must not be built on.
    Strengthening funds must come from elsewhere [? no airport runway extension?].
    Otherwise OK.
    I do wonder how many eating locations are needed. Every new one canibalises those already there.

  • Geraint, Te Aro

    Great! This is a really important part of our city and it needs to be reserved. I'm also very happy about the idea of a national music hub in the Civic Square - this will help foster the amazing performance talent we have in Wellington, and will give local music students the type of modern facility they deserve after so many years of the ill-designed school at Vic uni. As for leasing the Jack Illot Green and MFC carpark, I have some reservations but I could potentially support this. I wouldn't want any old development to go there, but something that increased the design value of the area and contributed to the community would be great.

  • Critical to the necessary growth of the city and region, particularly with regard to attracting skilled migrants, international businesses and tech companies. They expect a high quality of life with plenty of opportunities for cultural enrichment.

  • Chris , Te Aro

    I think the idea of having music performing/recording/education facilities in the same precinct as the City Gallery is excellent.

  • Ross, Aro Valley


  • Susan, Hataitai

    I think it's imperitive that there is a hub in Central Wellington to become the cultural heart of the city. It sits at the best spot between the waterfront and the Courtney Place Entertainment Precinct, Cuba Mall which is the more Bohemian Precinct and Lambton and the CBD. I think it's a great idea.

  • Chris, Johnsonville

    The music hub idea is excellent, but it needs to be done comprehensively, ie the NZ School of Music needs the existing buildings expertly retrofitted to accommodate its very specific needs. This means well designed, acoustically treated spaces for rehearsal, teaching and performance. Just throwing the NZSM into existing office spaces won't do!

  • Elizabeth, Brooklyn

    I think it should be a very high priority - successful and vibrant cities the world over have an identifiable "centre" and Civic Square is already providing that to some extent. I think strengthening and re-opening the Town Hall is a very high priority indeed - Wellington desperately needs a music venue of this size quality, which is vastly superior in acoustic properties to the MFC. The lack of the small Ilott Theatre is also a current issue. And the "music hub" idea is inspired and would give Wellington a significant "point of difference" for residents and visitors.

  • Anonymous, Wilton

    Sounds excelent, I love Civic Square but it's not really a destination unless there's something special on. Plenty of room to keep what we have and make it better, busier, more active. If the Office Buiding isn't being used lease it. School of music in place of Ilott Green is still a great idea. The Michael Fowler Carpark, what a waste of space, do something with it.