The city end of Adelaide Road will be redeveloped into a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood.

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  • Geraint, Te Aro

    I think it's a great idea in general, but I am definitely watching out for the specifics so I can decide if I will be happy with the outcome. I think there is a lot of potential there, but it needs to be done in a very considered way. For example, this would be a great opportunity to bring back some of the heritage design that has been lost over the years to bland, grey box apartments. The type of apartment is also important - will it be more of the shoeboxes that struggle to sell and rent, or will it be decently sized and appropriately shaped living spaces that small families can comfortable occupy? How will this development work in context with the Basin Reserve and the future of transport around it? Will this development take into account the possibility of light rail in Wellington's future? Etc etc.

  • Helen, Rongotai

    This is an eco SMART city idea. Like to see really great cycle lanes and green areas.

  • Joanne , Karori

    Actually we could the international film museum here. What a waste getting rid of the boys and girls institute in Tasman St. But this area needs to be developed without a flyover in mind. It could be a precinct area of some kind e.g. part of a museum district that includes housing and other businesses. We would need to make sure that some of the older houses are kept as part of the heritage of the precinct. It also needs to be made pedestrian friendly.

  • Jackie, South Gate

    The proposal is lacking in detail, but in general I think that the redevelopments that have been done in the past have worked out very well. This area could use a bit of of a touchup.

  • Chiara, Mount Victoria

    It should be bike-friendly, public-transport friendly, affordable-housing friendly, and mixed-use friendly.

  • Antony, South Gate

    Great idea. The area is entirely forgettable now. Could easily see a greener, more liveable & vibrant street.

  • nick, Brooklyn

    This is critical to ensure we remain NZ's most compact and 'livable' city with more active transport mode (bike/walk) users and support to all the spin offs that an inner urban population produce.

  • Mike, Seatoun

    Retaining heritage values and improving public transport, walking and cycling - good

  • Linda, Island Bay

    Wellington needs to become more vibrant both in the city and the nearby suburbs. Growth and progress is good for everyone.

  • Damianos George, Wellington Central

    I think its a great idea. A good mix of commercial and residential preferred.