We want to increase our grant to the New Zealand Festival so we can secure more "off-year" events and shows.

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  • Julian, Karori

    It's always so hard getting good money to support the Arts in today's world, so this would be a significant bonus

  • Christian , Island Bay

    A key platform for brand. But it needs to be linked to a new picture of the city. The cultural capital model has passed. But this is a vibrant place to live and learn. And develop ideas. Let's move the focus there.

  • Deirdre Tarrant - Devoted to the arts as a universal language., Kelburn

    The arts hold a mirror to society. They reflect, challenge and inspire us to be the people we are. The International Arts Festival is a strongly contributing arts event that is held in high regard throughout the country and internationally. It is an opportunity for us to engage with innovative, creative, visible, often controversial, exhilarating and sometimes despairing experiences that make us think about our position in the world. Any investment in the arts is an investment in identity for the human race and should be an absolute priority.

  • Lou, Island Bay

    It can only be a good thing! When people are asked what makes Wellington awesome, how often is the first answer "it's got great culture, big in the arts, etc.." Make it so by supporting and funding the arts!!

  • John, Mornington

    the impact and reach of the festival is very broad and impacts on Wellington and NZ culture in a deep and long-lasting way. It should be considered from the perspectives of nurturing NZ art and artists as well as it's ability to make unique content (both local and international) available to NZ audiences. Increasing the grant to the festival is very important, in order to keep pace with increasing costs and to avoid the gradual (and eventually fatal) 'downsizing' that results from static arts funding.

  • Anonymous

    Supports the idea.

  • Anonymous

    Supports the idea.

  • Ben

    The original and successful premise of the Festival was that it was The International Festival of the Arts, and the funding from ratepayers was to support bringing artists and shows to NZ that would otherwise not come here, and to keep ticket prices affordable. It brought world class acts, often following on from the Adelaide Festival, and broadened our cultural opportunities. It attracted visitors from all over NZ who came for a week to revel in what they couldn't see again.
    I am disappointed that it has morphed to a developmental arena for local NZ acts and for the funding of new works. This is the domain and responsibility of Creative NZ - not the local council. The shows usually now travel to Auckland and other cities, taking away its exclusivity to Wellington.
    From getting a season ticket and booking as soon as possible, I now book for maybe 2-4 shows only.
    How does seeing an amateur first show set in Pacifika compare with hearing Rostropovich play the cello?
    It's become something completely different from its intentions and one I'm not interested in anymore.

  • Megan

    Excellent idea.

  • George, Seatoun

    If that is necessary to keep the festival vibrant and attractive to visitors YES