Like other well-connected cities, we plan to encourage a greater uptake of cycling.

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  • Mads Naeraa-Spiers, Island Bay

    We are supposed to be the "coolest little capital in the world", instead we are hopelessly behind, and going nowhere. That means, however, that things can only get better, but we do need to GET ON WITH IT :-)
    I cycle every day, but it is never relaxing, as you always have to be so alert. When we can happily let our children cycle to school, that's when we have decent cycling infrastructure. It is not an extra expense; it is a way to not spend a fortune on roads and their upkeep.

  • Anonymous

    Does not support the idea.

  • Geraint, Te Aro

    This is urgently needed! If our city is to move forward in a fashion that is sustainable, we must implement this as soon as possible. For far too long, cars have dominated NZ roads and have received a grossly over-inflated share of funding. Now that we are facing the realities of climate change, peak oil, a worsening obesity crisis, and worsening congestion, it is time for city planners to accept that cycling is the most efficient way for people to move around the city. Creating a road network that highly priorities cycling and public transport and actively discourages private car use is the key to growing Wellington into a sustainable and liveable city of the 21st century.

  • William, Island Bay

    Cycleways (and pedestrians) should have higher priority than motor vehicle use. This should not just be to establish their construction, but as an ongoing matter of safety, convenience and respect. I have spent time in the Netherlands and the difference between attitudes there and here is very marked. Our attitudes are also out of step with many places overseas with regards to pedestrians e.g. Canada where every intersection is regarded as a virtual pedestrian crossing. Motor vehicles stop to allow pedestrians to cross at an intersection.
    The motor vehicle has been a short lived folly with an unsustainable means of transport. To reduce fossil fuel use we need to start reducing its attractiveness.

  • Helen, Rongotai

    We could be the cycling capital of New Zealand, it would add to the liveability of the city, reduce our carbon emissions and make Wellington even more attractive to visitors.

  • Adele, Karori

    we would be setting a precedent for every NZ city.

  • CS, Lyall Bay

    Adding bike racks to buses in order to allow passengers to cycle AND bus

  • Anne, Hataitai

    There should be bike tunnels to Eastern and Western suburbs!

  • stephen, Moa Point

    This is brilliant but just a start. Because of its size Wellington has amazing potential as a cycle city. Build it and it will literally change peoples lives. Eventually people will realize life is too short to sit in traffic. Once we have some decent cycle infrastructure I think the use of electric bike should be promoted to get people who might not otherwise brave the wind or the hills onto their bikes. Perhaps the council could join forces with local bike retailers and promote a trial or rent to own scheme etc.

  • Anonymous

    Supports the idea.