An indoor arena would bring more music and other performances to Wellington - bringing more visitors and entertaining the locals. 

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  • Stu

    We currently miss out on big international acts to Auckland and even Christchurch. The effects that concert of 5000 people at TSB makes a huge impact on the waterfront area.

  • Joanne, Karori

    What happens to the Queens Wharf Event Centre - I assume it stays but how many events would move to the new venue. I worry about under utilised venues. It would be great to have a mid sized stadium but have it away from the central city (unless it has good public transport access.) This could be a regional venue based in Porirua or the Hutt.

  • nick, Brooklyn

    Like the stadium, but totally not like the TSB, it needs to double as a big scale urban shaper in our city and hence the location and its wider affect are critical to whether I would support it beyond needing the interior functionality of it. This needs to be done in parallel with a rethink of the TSB building.

  • Julie, Miramar

    Wellington needs to have a decent indoor concert venue, however it needs to be one with a decent sound system/acoustics (or don't bother at all).

    Should also sell the westpac stadium as a venue for world-class artists to attract them to wellington.

  • Mike, Seatoun

    Does not support the idea.

  • Bronwyn, Khandallah

    Stunning architectural design and located in the heart of the city.

  • Murray, Ngaio

    It might help attract more acts but not needed to make Wellington a livable place. Could easily have a large venue in the Hutt and have Wellington focus on new "start ups"

  • Linda, Island Bay

    It's about time we started to give Auckland and Christchurch a little competition! We are supposed to be the capital city yet we have such small venue options this needs to change to attract more tourists and concert enthusiasts of which, I am one.

  • Tam, Khandallah

    In support as unfortunately weather in Wellington is a big consideration.

  • Anonymous

    This is a must. Too many events bypass Wellington. People from the region must travel to other regions for the missed acts and that takes money out of our economy. An arena of larger capacity would attract events and the positive economic impact that comes with it.