A new convention centre would bring people to the city from throughout New Zealand and overseas to discuss ideas and make connections.

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  • Mike, Miramar

    An improved convention centre is very important for the city. Wellington is a strong destination for large conferences, and there will always be a desire for these to be held in Wellington given the close proximatey to central government. Any conference of a public policy nature or where ministers play key roles would need to be held in Wellington, and the city is a great location given its supporting infrastructure and compact nature.

  • Joanne, Karori

    Why does NZ suddenly need a whole lot of convention centres....Christchurch and Auckland have not got theirs yet but they are planned - lets see how they go first.

  • Anonymous, Johnsonville

    Supports the idea.

  • Anonymous

    This needs to be considered in parallel with the positioning and sizing of the large arena to make the most of location and versatile facilities.

  • Ben, Roseneath

    WCC is not a good investor or commercial operator - and should not intervene to fill a gap that the private sector will fill when it makes economic sense to do so. Why should the ratepayer subsidise a commercial operation. A resident will get little direct return from the convention centre, unless they're attending one.

    Rates are already high and the proposed annual increases under this plan are unconscionable. Not everyone has a high and increasing annual income. Studies have shown little correlation between house value and disposable income, and yet we have a rates system that penalises the old, the retired, the single income etc. WCC councillors need to get real. Their incomes for a part time job now exceed the annual average income of most residents in the city. Every organisation need to cut its cloth and live within its means - except local authorities - who simply think it is alright to increase rates annually. It is not acceptable.

  • Mike, Seatoun

    Does not support the idea.

  • Lesley, Mount Victoria

    We are central to New Zealand, it would be conveient for domestic travellers up and down the country

  • Mike, Brooklyn

    It's a great idea and long overdue. Wellington will miss out without this.

  • Linda, Island Bay

    It needs to be large enough and good enough to attract overseas business and nationwide support

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing unique about a convention centre. Wellington supplies the unique to the otherwise mundane.