An Ocean Exploration Centre would give opportunities to discover Wellington’s marine life and ocean environment.

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  • Joan, Other

    Excellent idea, it would be a really show case for New Zealand. Totally support this idea.

  • 27 Angels, Karori

    There is nothing else like this in Wellington or the country, and we have such an awareness of our marine environment and the raw power of Cook Strait.

  • Cris, Wellington Central

    There's nothing like it in NZ. Absolutely essential to help people understand the importance of looking after our seas and the creatures that live in the. It will put Wellington on the nature based tourism map. Can't wait to see it happen.

  • Trevor, Mount Cook

    This fantastic idea has been too long in starting. Held up by negative people who hijack the consent process. You only have to see the faces of the school children who visit to know this is a fantastic resource. Great thanks to Victor, Judy Jules and the crew for keeping the vision alive

  • MaryAnne , Island Bay

    Excellent idea especially the unique educational opportunities to the region and NZ

  • neil, Island Bay

    its a great idea and will add to the tourist attractions of wellington also providing a unique educational experience for locals and visitors.

  • Helen, Rongotai

    I think this is a great idea for a city like Wellington that is so closely associated with its marine environments. The coast and waters are a defining features of our city. The location will also further add vitality and character to the Lyall Bay area. I'd like to see more money that $6m (e.g. compared with the Film Museum which is $30m and more associated with private businesses). The Ocean Exploration Centre is more a public good and will be a defining asset to the city.

  • Francois, Island Bay

    It is an awesome idea, the South Coast is so beautiful and to give visitors an opportunity to see it for how it really is would put reaffirm Wellington as the 'Coolest Little Capital' with a quirky idea like this

  • sarah, Houghton Bay

    Supports the idea.

  • Darshan , Tawa

    This centre will increase awareness of our rich marine life and conservation efforts.