longer airport runway will bring in more international visitors, and enhance business and education connections.

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  • Will, Wadestown

    I support the idea of the longer runway. Direct flights into Asia would make international travel easier. Everyone will benefit from increased tourism dollars and cheaper flights overseas. Has the council considered moving the airport to a more affordable location away from the restrictions of the current location?

  • Tom, Newtown

    We need it. Enough talk, let's build it now, for the future, for everyone.

  • Arthur

    It's so good to see this finally getting traction!

  • Margaret, Churton Park

    Pleased to see the council taking action. Let's face it, it's basic infrastructure. Bring it on.

  • Toots, Ngaio

    Some worries about environmental aspects, but think on the whole we really need this.

  • Jay, Te Aro

    It's brilliant idea, and it's been the topic for many years already, would like to see the results. It is long term growing opportunities for Wellington, it is benefits both residents and visitors.

  • Anonymous, Newlands

    It's an important part of the long-term growth of Wellington - we shouldn't be myopic and thinking only of the short-term

  • Andrew, Johnsonville

    Why are we still talking about this? We're the capital city yet disconnected to most of the world. This is a no brainer.

  • Gabriella, Lyall Bay

    It's a waste of money. Air travel is bound to decrease, not increase as oil becomes more expensive. Wellington is too small of a town to warrant such an expense, at the detriment of the environment. Coming to Wellie via Auckland is not onerous in the least, the city is well served by that hub.

  • JR, Karori

    Supports the idea.